Light Pillars – Light Pillars LP Purple Vinyl


Australian noisy psych project Light Pillars consisting of Toby – guitars (Hotel Wrecking City Traders) and Andrew – drums (Comacozer) came together in June 2019 at Cellar Sessions Studios in Melbourne for an improved jam session. Both bands having played together previously and after some ideas and banter being thrown around the two decided to finally get together and see what the cosmos can produce and this release debut self-titled release resulting in 4 tracks of noisy dark heavy instrumental psych rock. Recorded in one session with Max behind the recording desk and mastered by Kent Stump (Crystal Clear Sound Studios, Dallas, Texas USA) and amazing artwork by Dora Wednesday, this is one journey taking diverse release. Stay tuned for the album tracks to be jammed live sometime in the not too distant future. Light Pillars is out on limited vinyl via Sound Effect Records!

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