Yuri Gagarin – The Outskirts Of Reality Coke Bottle Green Vinyl


Almost 4 years after their second, Yuri Gagarin return with a brand new studio album! You certainly cannot accuse the Swedish space-rockers for being over-productive, neither can you for shape-shifting in the name of publicity… Based on their fundamental “Space Ritual-era-Hawkwind” template, Yuri Gagarin stay firm on their path while getting more versatile in the ideas, more evocative in their soundscapes and, most importantly, richer in their melodic approach; unlike many of their contemporaries, Yuri Gagarin, except for their ambient mastery, rely on their innate sense for melody and, almost cinematic, approach to drama. On “The Outskirts Of Reality” Yuri Gagarin present five new songs! Maybe with no lyrics, but still, these are songs, with the entire human feelings’ part lying in the details; as if stuck in a never-ending spacetime continuum loop, trying to fabricate small changes each time, looking for a hole leading to eternity… On this, their third lifetime, their riffs are…more bad-ass, their rhythms more punishing, their themes irresistible. Wish they never find this hole!

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