Wight – Through The Woods Into Deep Water CD


You open your eyes and look up to the clouded sky. Branches and twigs form patterns in your field of view. You get up and walk through the forest while you feel the wind finding its way through this labyrinth of trees. Following your inner compass towards the light, you taste the aroma of resin in the air, and each one of your steps resonates on the moist soil. Then, the curtain of trees opens, and the sun breaks through the clouds. Blinding you with its pure energy, it floods your body with light and warmth.
You fall gently. Your body is enshrouded by cool water, and you are one with the world – air and water, heat and cold, light and darkness.
Sinking as you are drawn towards the ground, you embrace the last sunlight that reaches the depths of the water. Your organism returns to the ground from which it has risen, feeding the earth that has once fed it.

– Through The Woods Into Deep Water

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