Wasted Cathedral – Atmospheric Hangover LP


Following up on his acclaimed releases for Adhesive Sounds and Prairie Fire Tapes, Wasted Cathedral is the solo project of Saskatoon-based musician Christopher Laramee (Shooting Guns, The Switching Yard, The Radiation Flowers). ‘Atmospheric Hangover’ is a compilation of tracks from the last couple of years, engineered by Josh Rohs (who also contributes electronics on ‘Freeway’) and Barrett Ross and with Clayton Linthicum adding some divine acoustic guitar. On ‘Atmospheric Hangover’ Chris Laramee melds the vibe of extended disco edits, film music and endless drift, maybe if Flying Saucer Attack scored a Michael Mann crime flick it would sound like this? With pills, thrills and plenty of loops, ‘Atmospheric Hangover’ is some serious late night headphone ear message for all you insomniacs. 200 only vinyl pressing.

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