The Heavy Eyes – The Heavy Eyes LP Silver Vinyl


Limited to 150 handnumbered copies on 180 gram silver vinyl. THE HEAVY EYES are a young rock trio from Memphis, Tennessee. Their full-length debut contains 11 tracks (2:55 – 5:12 min.) with a total playing time of 40:21. They describe their sound as stoner blues. I call it stoner blues psych rock with very strong influences from the American rockscene 1969-73. The spirit of Cactus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer, Josefus and Mountain floats above this one all the way. The music sounds fantastically warm and has been completely recorded with analog equipment … not, but it truly sounds like that, you’ll be surprised! A mixture of early Fu Manchu and Budgie, especially the vocals. The drums are massive and very Zeppelin-esque, the killer bass originates from Grand Funk. Songs like ‘Voytek’, ‘War Apple’and ‘Where Is Wilder’are extremely catchy tunes and hit as hard as Pentagram’s ‘Forever My Queen'(1973). Apart from ‘Ill Cut You Down’by Uncle Acid & The Dead Beatsthese are the best songs of the year 2011 in my opinion. Top score for one of the most beautiful ‘stoner blues’albums

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