Sunfruits ‎– Certified Organic LP


Suitably entitled ‘Certified Organic’, this EP contains 6 tracks that epitomise the Sunfruits’ groovy free-form approach to song writing. The collection of tracks are both playful and serious, luring you in with infectious rhythms and melodies, while sitting you down for a deeper conversation concerning environmental collapse, social uprising and the willingness to change. Sunfruits revive the ’60s psychedelic sounds with their very own garage-pop spin, blending their own wonky twist of modern disco beats and tropicalia inspired freak outs. The EP will please the ears of fans of Khruangbin, Nice Biscuit, Babe Rainbow, Bananagun and other psychedelic purveyors. While the band is new to some, the members have been kicking around the Melbourne music scene for some time. Founded by Winter McQuinn (IV League, Culte, Cracker La Touf), their members include Acacia Coates (Pinch Points, Slush) Shelby De Fazio (Bad Bangs), Gene Argiro (Stella Bridie, Bluey) and Evie Vlah (Jungle Cuffs). Co-release with Third Eye Stimuli (Australia).

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