Mildred Maude – CPA I – III LP Pink Vinyl


Mildred Maude have been making a real name for themselves amongst the cognoscenti of all things loud and psychedelic, so much so that they have had a stint as Damo Suzuki’s Soundcarriers which is as good a seal of approval as you are gonna get. ‘CPA I-III’ is the band’s debut album, entirely improvised and captured in one take. The three tracks are “captured snippets” of an ever-growing, organic beast that is ‘CPA’ (‘Cosmic Pink Alignment’), a song that began at 8pm on 14th November 2014. Taking the best bits of psych, noise and a sprinkle of post-rock, the tracks positively crackle with creativity and spontaneity. It’s an exhilarating and breathless trip! Limited to 250 copies on pink vinyl.

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