Druid – The Seven Scrolls LP Green Dark/Black Marbled Vinyl


Druid is a mind-expanding experiment that transcends genre in order to create a uniquely introspective and massively heavy rock ‘n roll experience. Druid is Kaleb Shaffner (guitar), Max Schmitz (bass), and Adam Mayhall (drum kit). “Druid is a musical project built around growth and change. As the members of the band have grown together through some very formative experiences, their sound has grown together, as well. Each record Druid has created has built off the last, trying to reach new sonic territories with the same spirit of individual integrity that is at the core of their mission. As Druid has evolved, so have their influences. Now, Druid proudly presents The Seven Scrolls, a sonic journey through the end of days tinged with prog rock offerings to the many masters of old. With musings akin to the styles of Yes and Captain Beyond and sonic experiments reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “middle” era, Druid is reaching out with force to connect with the mystical power that the original psychedelic masters unleashed upon the world in the days of old. With the help of LSD and long periods of contemplation, Druid has once again reached into themselves and have pulled out another piece of their collective soul to show to any listener with an open ear and an open mind. Although many people disagree for the sake of disagreement now a days, we can all agree that a tide of change has risen across this world, and has begun to sweep many into its wake. The Seven Scrolls is an exploration of this concept, intended to reveal the journey through the end in three stages; premonition, destruction, and renewal. The premonition tells the faithful of things to come, destruction tells of the inevitable fate of all mortal creation, and renewal tells of the possibility and hope for a new beginning. This is not only meant as a reference to the Christian Armageddon, but as a way to explain the ideas that many religions hold through the lens of how we were raised as Christians in America. It is our hope that people of all religious beliefs can extract the symbolic significance put forth in our album. We recommend enjoying this record with any psychedelic substance for an ultimate experience in self-realization. Enjoy responsibly, and much love to you all!”

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