Domkraft ‎– Slow Fidelity LP Coloured Vinyl


The Scandinavian masters of hypnotic, post-apocalyptic doom issue an EP of infectious heaviness with Cameo from Mark Lanegan! Sweden’s prolific post-apocalyptic doom trio return on the heels of their mindblowing album, “Flood,” with a new 3-song EP of mindbending, experimental heaviness. At nearly 30 minutes, this mini-album builds on the band’s cataclysmic, looping riff foundation and adds delicate touches plus a mammoth jam-monster that features no less than three guest singers, including the singular Mark Lanegan. TRACK LISTING Through the Ashes Mud Collider Where We Part Ways Where We Part Ways (Instrumental, CD only)) – Features cameos from Mark Lanegan (QoTSA, Screaming Trees, Gutter Twins) and Lea Alazam (Besvarjelsen) For fans of Monolord, YOB, Windhand, Besvarjelsen, QoTSA, Cities of Mars, Electric Wizard PRESS: “‘If you’re a longtime denizen of the riff-filled land, Swedish outfit Domkraft’s spacey, psyched-out stoner doom scratches every itch.'” _Noisey “‘Flood shows a particular focus on songcraft, one that uses proggy stoner riffs to keep a hypnotic cadence while the vocals guide you on a melodic journey — none of this would work well if the riffs in question weren’t whoppers, which in Domkraft’s case,” _Revolver “‘Domkraft is a lot like what I’d imagine Neurosis would sound like if they attempted to be Sleep in the early 2000s. So yeah, Domkraft is damn good.'” _Metal Injection “They’re heavy, yet hypnotizing. They’re loud, yet languid. They’re simple, yet psychedelic – and so, so good.” _Echoes and Dust

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