Dial M For Murder! ‎– Fiction Of Her Dreams LP


This is the debut full-length release by Sweden’s Dial M For Murder!. After 2008’s Oh No!/The Mourning Comes The Morning After vinyl single stirred up much interest all over Europe, Sweden’s Dial M For Murder! fulfills all the promises made by that 45 rpm gem. Fiction Of Her Dreams is a powerful and dark manifesto celebrating the everyday highs and lows of life in Europe’s North in the first decade of the new millennium. Winter’s anxieties, summer’s confusing adrenaline rush and springtime’s yearly hopeful new beginnings are all part and parcel of this multifaceted album. References to ’80s British dream-pop bands such as A.R. Kane and The Chameleons are to be found, as well as the aesthetics of classic bands like Joy Division or current contenders Interpol and Ladytron. Theirs is a sound that has been scraped raw — moody, haunting vocals, gritty melodies, fuzzy electric guitars, mean-sounding synths, dirty drum-boxes — it’s all here. Dial M For Murder! is a duo comprised of David Ortenlöf and Andy Lantto. Stating Alfred Hitchcock, love and hate, low-frequency bass, old drum machines, London and indie fashion as outside influences, Dial M For Murder!’s sense of style and purpose comes as no surprise. Produced by Fredrik Jansson and the band, recorded mostly at night, Fiction Of Her Dreams is a strong post-punk/dark wave statement with some very cool songs and attitude in abundance.

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