Death Beat Magazine #002 re-issue


DEATH BEAT MAGAZINE – Conversations about Life, Death & Music

Originally published in October 2016.
42 pages, A5 format.

An animated Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke talks about being shot at, how one accidentally becomes a singer, and his obsession with remote islands. (2012)

Jerry A., singer of Portland punk icons Poison Idea, explains why he loves alcohol, why he hates hipsters, and what happens when your drummer goes to federal prison. (2014)

In an interview from 2011, Hawkwind’s leader Dave Brock chats about experimental music and experimental living.

Last but not least: Carl-Michael “Czral” Eide of Virus gives honest answers to curious questions about dreams, depression, musical ambitions, birds, Norwegian black metal, and what really happened when he became partially paralyzed. (2015)

By Linnéa Olsson

Layout Anna Goffe

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