Cosmic Letdown – In The Caves LP


Recorded in late-2014, in just one live session, ‘In the Caves’ is the second full-length album by Russian psychedelic band Cosmic Letdown. Hailing from the city of Cheboksary, on the banks of the glorious river Volga, in just a few years (founded in 2012) they have become one of the most interesting phenomena of the local scene, establishing themselves as part of the Russian neo-psychedelic wave via independent releases (under their own label Opium Eyes Records) of several of their singles and debut album ‘Venera’. “Venera” received positive reviews and flattering comparisons to Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, The Black Angels, The Warlocks, Spacemen 3, The Asteroid #4 etc. However all of these comparisons can be forgotten in the case of ‘In the Caves’. The sound is absolutely different here – you may get the feeling this is another band, but it’s still Cosmic Letdown. “In the Caves”, unlike the debut album, which was sort of a compilation of old tracks, is both a live experiment and a concept album of sorts: it demonstrates another side of Cosmic Letdown, closer to what the band has been performing live for the past years, though never represented on record before. On preparation for a long time, ‘In the Caves’ is the psychedelic jam album, with raw fuzzed out cave-like atmosphere, the band longed to record. This chain of hypnotic sequences paints otherworldly cosmic/ambient sonic vastness with beautiful sitar brush strokes, complementary tanpura sounds, ethereal voices and incredible distorted tone guitars. Waves of reverb and surreal noises form unique sound from the depths of the basement reaching out into the distant corners of the universe as if created straight for astral trips. All of this brought to life on Cosmic Letdown’s first vinyl release ‘In the Caves’.

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