Centre El Muusa – Centre El Muusa LP Blue Vinyl


Debut album of this Estonian underground band. An album made by 4 musicians, including one of the most creative and prolific multi-instrumentalists in Europe: Misha Panfilov. He is famous for his (mostly) instrumental psychedelic funk singles and electronic albums by Misha Panfilov Sound Combo (Funk Night Records, USA), as well as the jazzy krautrock by Estrada Orchestra (Funk Night Records, USA). Volodja Brodsky is a co-founder of the band and a master on the Wurlitzer electric piano and space synthesizers. Centre El Muusa is an Estonian psychedelic rock quartet founded in 2015 (previously named as Centre Electronique Muusa). The project, which started as an avant-garde electronic duo, in 2018 developed into a rock band, when it was joined by Monika Erdman on electric bass and Aleksei Semenihhin on drums. Their music combines elements of krautrock, psychedelia, country and ambient music joined by repetitave patterns. Recorded and produced by Misha Panfilov.
Mastered by Jörgen Hermaste. LP on 180 gram black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

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